We have started minting our first NFT’s on Momint.so 

You can find us on their Marketplace under user experiencewine. 

Buying via our website

If you prefer to secure an allocation of this vintage via our website in £ Pound-Stirling rather than via an NFT Marketplace, you can do so here.

Let me introduce you to our team.

Dan Kirby, is helping us in the vineyard and cellar.

If you haven’t already heard, Dan passed the the first stage of the Master of Wine exam and now has two years to complete stage two. Apart from his expert knowledge, Dan also brings a very useful social media following to the project and network of MW’s and wine professionals who can help and guide us over the next couple of years.

Karl Gesner, NFT back office.

Karl is the person who understands how this all works, Finance Director for Canham Consulting, WSET Student and NFT Mentor. Karl is also a Venn Member at Flint Vineyard so comes in handy for borrowing the tiny amounts of professional yeast and other vineyard bits we would otherwise have to buy in industrial quantities.

Chris Wilson, Gutter & Stars Urban Winery

Chris, is an actual wine maker, an actual wine journalist including Decanter and Harpers and is generally on call when we don’t actually know what to do.

Juliette, Wine Grower & Cellar, puts in all the graft during winter getting the vines into tip top condition, and then keeps them in that condition, before harvesting, cleaning and keeping on top of all the necessary bits.

HarperWells, Norwich. Wine Merchant, basically exchanging the product of all of the above into cash.

BinTwo, Padstow, Twice ranked as the Best UK Independent Wine Shop. Owner Mike also has his own micro-winery project and has agreed to accept your NFT’s in exchange for his wine ‘Howl & Grappa’

Are you ready to buy your NFT now?

Currently we have three wines in tank. These unfinished wines are now being offered for sale.

We have three options, and to bring it back to wine, think of it as en-primeur or crowdfunding.

Option 1. 

is $10 this will give you one of the 600 ‘vine’ NFT’s which you can exchange for a bottle of our wine on release. In all likelihood this will be the white blend which we are anticipating releasing at £10 per bottle – subject to availability you could exchange it for part payment on a bottle of the red (anticipated at £25)

Option 2.is $60, Each NFT is represented by a physical vine. When the wines are released you can choose to exchange your token for wine, an example may be to exchange for six bottles of the white blend, or you may choose to only exchange for a single bottle of white (£10) and on later release and subject to availability of the PetNat & Red Rondo/Pinot Noir (anticipated price £25) exchange for a bottle of each.

As you can see, a market is created, should the Red be over subscribed, then only the owners of the Pinot Noir vines are guaranteed a bottle, owners of these token may choose to exchange these for physical wine or trade them on an NFT exchange like Momint

Option 3.

If you want to commit to the $300 case – this will guarantee you a case of our wine; at present this could be 4 each of the Pinot Noir / Rondo. The Seyval Blanc. and PetNat.

However, it is very much hoped that we can offer you the opportunity to include and exchange wines from the likes if BinTwo and Gutter & Stars.

As a guarantee, should we not manage to produce or acquire enough wine then we will put together a case of wine from the shop to the value of $300.

You will be allocated one of the 22 Pinot Noir vine NFT’s. These can be traded or exchanged for wine from both us or other participating micro wineries. There are additional fringe benefits of owning the Pinot Noir vines, which we will expand on and announce as further collaborations and partnerships develop.